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OMG Drift Tuned Gyro For Competition Drifting
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Product Description
V2 RPG-302  new high-voltage  version  gyroscope adapts aluminum case and has digital and  analog mode. Advantage  of being compatible with high voltage:
ESC can open 7.4V 
BEC  power  supply,  high  voltage  servo  can work in 7.4V environment, and the strength and speed are much higher than the 6V environment.
Friendly Tip: The built-in sensitivity adjustment knob of  the gyroscope is made of plastic and the range of rotation is Limit, so  please use the special  slotted
screwdriver to adjust. 
When it is  tightened,  don't  forcefully  continue  to  screw, otherwise it will be damaged!

LED Status Display

Fast blink                Initialization

Slow blink               Self sensitivity adjustment                        Sensitivity line stop

Constant blink        Transmitter sensitivity adjustment           Sensitivity line work

Function of gyroscope:

The gyroscope belongs to auxiliary device of steering gear,  which can be used to correct the  deviation  or  excessive  tail of RC car.  It is  commonly used for
drift or F1 car models. The  Gyro  can  apply  to  any  models  theoretically,  but the actual effect depends on the setting of the Gyro (such as setting of
sensitivity / correction direction).

Switch 1: Servo Type setting, flip switch up for analog servos, down for digital servos. 

Switch 2: Sensitivity direction setting, flip switch up for opposite direction, down for positive direction.

1. Quick flash when power on means the gyro is initializing and will calibrate a middle 

point  of  the  gyro  and  the  remote  controller's  direction  channel. Don't  move the gyroscope and change the direction channel of remote controller. 

2. When  the  LED  stops  blinking  and  is  constantly  lit,  it  means  that  the signal of sensitivity setting channel has been received.  The  sensitivity  can  be 
set by remote 
controller  and  the  servo  output  range  can  be  set  by  the  potentiometer  on  the gyroscope, increasing the output value towards clockwise

3.If LED  blinks  slowly,  it means that the signal of sensitivity setting channel has not been  received.  The  sensitivity  can  be  set  by  the potentiometer on
the gyroscope, 
clockwise increasing Maximum value of sensitivity and servo range.

Size:25.6x24.5x10mm   Weight:13.5g

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